About Okhotsk

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About Okhotsk

Okhotsk (pronounced “ohotsk”) is the name of the mountainous northeastern region of Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan – facing the Okhotsk Sea. Extensive forests, rich soil, and the marine resources support the area’s main industries of lumber, agricultural produce, and fisheries. With twenty-six cities, towns and villages, Okhotsk is home to about 350,000 people, and while there is a decreasing trend, the number of households is actually on the rise.


Average temperatures range from about 19º C in summer to -7º C in winter. Covered with snow during the winter months, Okhotsuku attracts visitors from all over Japan who come to enjoy a multitude of1 winter sports.
The frozen ice of the Okhotsk Sea creates conditions that make this area one of the greatest recipients of sunlight in Japan.

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